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Passive strategies renovation

Updated: Jan 11, 2023

Nowadays, one of the most important factors to consider for any home is energy efficiency. With energy prices on the rise, new ideas that can save resources and add sustainability are welcome benefits. Our latest development in Brentwood, Calgary is a prime example.

Sustainable living right in the heart of the city. More energy independence. Grid-connected renewable energy systems to "turn back" utility bills as they feed back into the community. These are some of the features this 70s house will have. Consultation with our clients (who found us through the "Passive House Alberta" Community), enabled us to understand their needs and customize practical solutions to meet their goals.

The project includes the addition of a two-car garage with a bonus room above it, front landscaping and staircase, as well as a large back deck.

Here is a summary of our progress thus far:

- Conceptualization process, understanding our client's vision and needs

- Design process and obtaining permits

- New, more efficient glazing

- New, higher-value insulation (R40) insulation throughout the entire house installed along with the Meadow Sage Builders' innovative insulating system

- Solar panel installation

- Improved Heat Recovery Ventilator (HRV) - Completion of the back deck

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